Madison Roars into SF

lionking-header-WNN Reporter Vincente R. contributed to this story

San Francisco, Calif. – Over this past weekend, Madison Elementary’s Drama program students took an unforgettable field-trip, traveling to San Francisco’s famous and historic Orpheum Theatre to catch a production of Disney’s The Lion King.   Without a doubt the highlight of the trip, in addition to an amazing & unforgettable show, was the sneak-peek behind the scenes we were lucky enough to catch.   One of the key musicians in the traveling cast, took the time to give us a narrated explanation of how the show travels, performs, some of the behind the scenes of the costumes, and the characters we would see on stage.   He was even kind enough to invite us up to the Orchestra Pit where we got to meet the musicians in the orchestra, and check out the setup for the show up close.   We got to see some of the unique instruments that make the “sound” and music of the Lion King, and learn how they build this stage show at each city they tour, and then pack it away into 35 semi-trucks to get to the next performance.

What an unforgettable show, and an amazing performance…. students who attended were absolutely amazed at the quality of the singing, the acting and dance numbers, and the incredible details of the costumes.     At the end of the show, students even got to meet several of the actors, to catch autographs and chat briefly.

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  1. ?Very nice article! The experience was awesome and I am glad I got to be a part of the trip.


    Jackie Oliver Guidance Instructional Adviser Madison Elementary School 559-276-5280

    “Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day!”



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